Unique Line of Services

NSDC offers a unique set of services which are in cooperated in our training programs. The quality of our services have grown tremendously over the years.

Career Counseling

We ensure that trainees choose the right career path in line with their passion. This way they have a clearer vision of the success path which makes the more marketable in the job arena

Life Skills Counseling

We equip trainees with general skills which would enhance their interpersonal skills in society. Trainees learn different pertinent value with encourages growth

Productivity Enhancement Training

We give the trainees the tools needed to deal with real life situation which they may encounter. Our training would better be able to deal with conflicts and behavioral issues they may face

Remedial Education

Our trainees caters to everyone therefore we have basic academic programs which would develop the reading and computational skills of our trainees.

ICT Training

With the technological world all our programs are align with ICT courses which ensures that the trainees know how to interface with computers

Entrepreneurship Training

With the quality of our programs a lot of small business are developed hence we develop our trainees entrepreneurship skills

Technical Vocational Training

NSDC prime focus is on technical training which allows trainees to attain hand on experience and the proper knowledge in the field

Job Placement

We conclude all our training with internship where trainees experience the world for a month or more. The put their skills to work!!


Some of our programs provide trainee with complementary meals and transportation to make access to our centers easier and more friendly


Our single mothers program offers day care services for trainees with babies or toddlers for the duration of the course they pursue.

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